ZTK Summer Youth Club 2014

ZTK Goes Volunteering

The young people involved in the ZTK Youth Club this summer are spending their Tuesday mornings volunteering at different venues. The youth had to choose from three different voluntary activities. These were gardening at Fortini, maintenance at a cat sanctuary in Bormla and carrying out activities for children at the Klabb Sajf in Birgu. The goal of the voluntary work is to expose the participating youth to different experiences of active citizenship.

The gardening group are planning to sow some herbal plants and make a pond for a turtle. There are other creative ideas being discussed which are still at a brainstorming level. Cannot what wait to see what they will come up with! For sure from the young people’s feedback they are looking forward to keep the project going. The youth working at the cat sanctuary had a labour intensive morning. The group was split into three groups with each group carrying out different tasks. Before they left in small groups the young people had the opportunity to see some of the newly born kittens. The rest of the young people involved in the Klabb Sajf activities focused on planning the games with the children. They have an interesting plan with some water games and fun activities.

Besides some satisfied smiles, it was rewarding to learn that a small number of youth will be visiting the cat sanctuary tomorrow morning to give a helping had with the feeding of the cats. That is the whole point of why ZTK is volunteering.

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