ZTK Summer Youth Club 2014

Do it yourself ramps…

A number of young people from Cottonera and Zabbar areas are interested in BMX and skateboarding. However, those youth who want to practice this sport always complain that they either have to go down to Zejtun Skate Park which is rather small or Msida Skate Park which is about 1 hour away by public transport. The local councils in the area had been promising some sort of skate park for the last few years with little concrete action. In January, 2 young people approached Chris Mizzi, one of the youth workers at ZTK, and together they came forward with the idea of building a set or ramps for the youth club. Through the scheme Aid for You (A4U) by Agenzija Zghazagh, ZTK secure funding to build these ramps. The process is daunting and laborious. A group of young people with the support of the youth worker, first found templates for the ramps, purchased the required material and needed to cut out the wood to form the skeleton of the ramps. A couple of weeks ago, the young people started putting the wood together. Though we are far from completing the ramps, we have already noticed youth asking about the ramps and actually coming down to ZTK to help us with the build. Below are some photos of the process …

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