ZTK Summer Youth Club 2014

Voluntary Work at a Cat Sanctuary

Over the past 4 weeks, round 15 young people every Tuesday morning were doing some sterling work at a Cat Sanctuary close by to ZTK Youth Club. The Sanctuary have moved to their new location recently and needed much help with the maintenance and up keep of the place. Round 250 cats have shelter at the sanctuary with the majority arriving at the sanctuary either sick or hurt. The dedicated volunteers take in the cats giving them a good clean, taking them to the vet and most importantly caring for them as if the cats were their own. Daily, the volunteers go to the sanctuary twice, to clean and feed the cats.

The young people from ZTK, focused mainly on helping out with the maintenance of the place. Over the 4 weeks they did different tasks which ranged from clearing dead weed, painting, washing bowls, fixing the cage housing the kittens and loads of other work. Usually before, the group left the young people could spend sometime playing with the kittens. Surprisingly the young people did not just care of the cute cats but all, including those which looked maybe less cute but still needed pampering. The volunteers at the Sanctuary were grateful for the work done and welcomed any one to join them as a volunteer. In fact, 2 youth do visit the sanctuary on other days to give a helping hand.

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