St Margaret College Projects

‘Il-Premju tal-President ghall-Kreattività’ assists youth from St Margaret College in developing their artistic skills

Round 40 young people over these past six month have benefited from the funds provided by the Il-Premju tal-President għall-Kreattività – 2014.  The artistic project, entitled WAMA 3rd Ed, was implemented by St Margaret College. This was an extra-curricular activity held afterschool. The young people participated in one of 3 artistic workshops which include sequential art, 3D art installation and hip hop. All three workshops were run by established artists. On Thursday, 23rd April, her Excellency the President of Malta had the opportunity to witness the outcomes from this project and presented each participate a certificate of participation.

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The artistic workshops were proposed by the young people themselves prior to the submission of the application in June 2014. The secret behind the success of this year’s project was the striking relationship developed between the artists leading the individual workshops and the young participants. On Thursday, 23rd April, in the school at Fortini, Birgu, the young people will present their work to her Excellency, the President of Malta and their parents. During the same activity the participants will be awarded a certificate of participation which will be included in their end on school certificate when they will finish their secondary education.

The Hip-Hop group, run by Deborah Falzon, started by focusing on how Hip-Hop evolved in the American ghettos during the 1980’s as a response to social inequalities. The participants discussed about the 4 of principals in hip-hop; love, unity, peace and fun.  With the aid of the dance artist, the youth learnt different dance steps which eventually were incorporated in their dance routine which reflected these same principals.

The sequential art group was facilitated by Peter Magro, a local comic artist. The youth gained insight into how sequential art and graphic novels developed over time, the properties of a comic and basic skill in figure drawing. The young people were challenged by the artist to develop their own original characters and stories. As a result the young people created 9 original comic stories. The setting of the stories varied but all had a winning recipe i.e. the superhero against the villain. These stories will be compiled into a comic magazine which will be distributed in the students’ respective schools.

The third workshop focused on the creation of 3D Art Installation which was led by Elisa von Brockdorff. The artist used to start her workshops by showing work of established artists and then creating a similar installation using recycled materials. In process the students learnt how to use papier-mâché, different colour shades and creating different shapes from recycled material. A colourful village was the final artistic installation developed by the participants. The last phase of the project was that of photographing different parts of this installation. These photographs will be printed and hang in the primary and secondary college schools.

The youth enjoyed these sessions and commented that they got to learn new skills and abilities in the respective artistic mediums. Ryan, a member of the dance group, stated that he got the opportunity to learn new dance steps and experiment with these to create the dance routine. Samira shared that through comics she got the opportunity to express her ideas in a fun way.  Josef, who never missed an art session, shared that the project provided him with the opportunity to make new friends.

The youths’ active participation and the artists’ positive feedback is what drives the youth department at St Margaret College to provide these kinds of extra-curricular experiences. Such initiatives provide young people with opportunities to develop their artistic skills and widen their social capital. These projects are made possible through different funding schemes provided by different local and international organisations.


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