ZTK Summer Youth Club 2015 – Kicks Off

For the fifth year running, St Margaret College, through it’s youth work department, is hosting ZTK Summer Youth Club 2015. The summer youth club resumed last Tuesday, 7th July. About 50 young people attended for the first activity, which focused on getting the young people to know each other, learn each others names and breaking the ice, since for some this was the first time at ZTK. This year the programme for the summer will focus on raising awareness about current affairs through arts, fun activities such as water games and film nights and voluntary work.

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Besides the summer youth club, ZTK, will be involving other 40 youth in 4 international youth exchanges. These exchanges are co-funded by the Erasmus+ programme. Three youth exchanges will be held abroad and one in Malta. The main theme of the projects are focused on Health and Well being. The exchanges will be held in Ireland, Finland, Norway and Malta respectively. The 40 Maltese youth, besides going abroad, will be meeting young people coming from other EU and Non-EU countries and will share their views and opinions about the theme. Our aim is to engage these youth in their community and be pro-active citizens.

In addition, together with the US Embassy, another group of young people will be involved in Mural Project at the ZTK premises. The youth will be followed up by an American Mural Artist. The mural project will run between the 13th to the 17th July.

These activities and projects are aimed to encourage the young people to get involved and think about what is going on around them and take action. ZTK is open to all young people with different abilities, needs and socio-economic backgrounds. They come together in a healthy and vibrant environment.

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