Dance for Inclusion

On the 8th March 2013, St Margaret College, held a dance show at the Boys Secondary school at Verdala, Bormla. This show was the climax of a weeklong experience for 24 young people involved in a project called Dance 4 Inclusion which was funded by the Premju tal-President ghall-Kreattivitá.  The Welsh dance group, Tan Dance Ltd., were in Malta between the 4th to the 8th March to teach a-20-minute choreography to these young people with mixed abilities.

The idea sparked off following a meeting between the college Youth Worker, Mr Simon Schembri and Ms Sandra Mifsud, who is a local dance choreographer.  At St Margaret College, there are a number of young disabled people that enjoy dancing and music. This led to the idea of creating a dance project through which young people with different abilities come together to perform a choreography.  Tan Dance Ltd, have been brought on board since they have similar experiences in Wales where they work with different age groups through community dance projects.

The group met after school for a month, prior to working with Tan Dance between the 4th to 8th March for 4 hours daily.  On Friday, 8th March 2013, they performed the dance in front of a jammed packed crowd at St Margaret College Boys’ Secondary School in Bormla. The theme of the dance routine focused on the unique identity/character every individual has, independent of his/her physical and mental abilities.

Students involved participated voluntarily  and could not wait to perform the choreography. Kristina, one of the participants has been expressed ‘Never in my mind I thought we will manage to learn a dance routine in just one week’. This was the challenge this group of young people were faced with. To help the young people in this challenge besides the choreographers from Tan Dance, University students reading a degree in Dance at the University of Malta supported them.

A Facebook page called Dance4Inclusion has been created to keep everyone update with the daily progress of the young people.

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