When Art Meets Acting Reloads

When Art Meets Acting – Reloads, is an artistic projects that is being implemented throughout this scholastic year. The project is being funded by the Premju tal-President ta’ Malta ghall-Kreattività. This is the 3rd consecutive year that St Margaret College is benefiting from such funding. The project is aimed at providing young people with the opportunity to develop and hence their creativity through different artistic mediums. This year the workshops being provided are performance arts, salt painting and creative arts and design.

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All 3 workshops are run by artists who are passionate about their respective art. The workshops take place at Fortini, every Thursday, right after school. Currently over fifty young people are participating actively in the project.

The performance arts workshop is focusing on equipping young people with abilities to use their body and movement in a way to communicate feelings, emotions and energy. The workshop artists are Sean Briffa and Deborah Falzon. Sean is focusing on drama, while Deborah is leading the dance session. Their goal is to stimulate the youth’s creativity and move away from the traditional concept of drama.

For the 3rd year running, Stiefnu De Battista is involved in the arts group. The goal of this group is to expose the young people to other forms of art through the use of recycled material. Supporting Stefan is Martina, a foreign teacher on a Comenius project. The participants are using everyday material to make works of art. The process is a rather challenging one since the youth need to grasp different techniques such as paper mache and at the same time use their creativity to produce something different.

The Salt Paint group is an interesting workshop which is proving to be popular with the participants. The workshop is being run by volunteers from Domus Piju IX, with constant patience by David Cioffi. The first step was to learn how to spread salt on the plate, how one makes a template, mixing colours with salt and much more.

The project is being coordinated by the Youth Worker, Simon Schembri, with the support of Chris Mizzi, the Learning Support Centre’s Youth Worker and by the Cottonera Resource Centre Youth Worker, Ms Pamela Vella Scicluna.

The project will be going on till April. It is anticipated that the project will end up with an open day for children from the college primary schools and a certificate presentation activity for the participants’ parents and friends during which the participants will be sharing their newly acquire skills.

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