Entrepreneurship Through Education

Dare for Your Life

This was an other youth work project which focused on the importance of gaining hands on experience through entrepreneurship. The college applied and was successfully awarded to implement the project called ‘Dare for Your Life’.

In a nutshell the participants involved had the opportunity to start their own enterprise at school, develop a product/service, sell their products and keep a record of how their respective venture performed. The participants involved were student from the Verdala Boys Learning Zone, Bormla Girls Learning Zone and from the Fortini Learning centre.

Besides gaining skills in how to set up a business the participants had the opportunity of gaining basic skills in designing a poster and how to carry out a presentation. These sessions where facilitated by Youtheme.

The ventures that the participants came forward with were the following: –

– Tuck Shop at the Bormla Girls Learning Support Zone

– Annual Pool Marathin at the Fortini Learning Centre

– Crafts and Cards at the Verdala Boy Learning Support Zone

At the end of this experience the participants had to carry out a presentation about how their enterprise experience developed and ventured through out the whole process.

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