Presentation Skills Seminar

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The 3 rd and final seminar of the project was held at Fortini. The participants received basic skills about presentation skills. Albert, the trainer from Youtheme, gave an overview of what doing a presentation is about. He started off by explaining that everyone who is  about to do a presentation is scared so it is pretty normal to feel anxious before carrying out a presentation.   The following are ten important points when planning and carrying out a presentation –

1) Prepare to Succeed

2) Say it Correctly

3) Overcome your Anxiety

4) Make First Impression Counts

5) Stand for Attention

6) Act Naturally

7) Make eye contact

8) Show your feelings

9) Make yourself heard

10) Use the Right resources

Following the presentation the group was divided into 4 subgroups with each subgroup planning and presenting a short presentation about their hobbies to the rest of the group. For most participants this was the hardest task of all, i.e. facing an audience.

The following are some points the participants expressed that they learnt from the seminar: –

– not to be shy

– the need to work as a team

– respecting whoever is conducting a presentation

– the need to prepare before a presentation

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