Open Spaces

Open Spaces is a Youth in Action funded project under the Youth Initiative 1.2 scheme. The project is focusing on the lack of Open Spaces for young people in the Cottonera, Kalkara and Zabbar. This issue came up during a debate held by the University of Malta in November 2012. The youth expressed that they are

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frustrated with the lack of open spaces where they can spend their free time. ZTK Youth Club is providing such spaces however, they commented that this was not enough, Following this debate 5 youth who had been attending the youth club since it opened in 2010, came up with the idea of apply for a Youth Initiative.

The project focused on them running the ZTK Summer Youth Club together with the youth workers working for St Margaret College. The main idea is that of involving young people from the college in various artistic workshops to express their voices and opinions.

The expected outcomes from the project are:

– refurbishing the hall

– a short documentary about the lack of Open Spaces

– art installations for the hall

– a dance flashmob

– photography exhibition

– drama sketches

One can follow the progress of the youth throughout the project on the Facebook page

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