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SMarts meets acting posterFor the 3rd year running St Margaret College, through the youth work department has been awarded the ‘Premju tal-President għall-Kreatività’. This year the project will be focusing on 3 different artistic disciplines which are Salt Painting, Performance   Arts and Recycled Art. The sessions will be held once a week starting from the 7th November, 2013, at St Margaret College, Office of the Principal, St Edward Str, Fortini,   Birgu, at 3:15 pm.

These sessions are targeted towards young people between the ages of 11 to 16  years of age and looking to widen their artistic abilities and creativity. In addition from past projects, young people developed their personal skills, made new friends and discovered hidden talents. The sessions will be led by professional artists who have expertise in their respective domains.

The performance arts will be lead by Jimmy Grima and Rebecca Camilleri from Rubberbodies.  They will move away from the traditional acting and will take the participants on a self-exploration journey to discover their inner abilities and combine these with acting and dancing.

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Freelance artist, Stiefnu De Battista, will be back with a different concept. Those that will be participating in the art group will be working with recycled material with the aim of creating works of art from waste materials. Some of the ideas that can evolve are earrings, musical instruments and photo frames.

Salt painting is the other workshop the young people can participate in. This workshop will be led by Tarcisio Bonnici, a veteran in this field. Tracisio will be exposing the participant to the importance of shading, the different shades of the same colour and the technique used to paint with salt. Eventually, the participants will work on making Salt Paint plates.

Those interested in applying can do so by filling in an application which can be collected from St Margaret Secondary School or by sending an email to the project coordinator Mr Simon Schembri, on simon.schembri@gov.mt. For more information you can call on 21800708 or 79800708. The University of Malta, through the Cottonera resource centre will be supporting this project.

If you require further information you can also fill in the below form: –

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